Android NetRexx IDE prototype

This document covers the purpose, features, requirements, installation and use of the Android NetRexx development environment currently under development by Kermit Kiser.


The purpose of this IDE is to enable Android applications to be developed in NetRexx rather than the default limited Java environment provided by Google.


This IDE provides functions to create Android projects in NetRexx format and to compile and test them on an Android emulator or device.


(This IDE runs in the jEdit open source editor environment instead of the Eclipse plugin environment provided with the Android SDK.)
  1. The jEdit editor version 4.3+.
  2. jEdit plugins Errorlist, Console, and NetRexxScript.
  3. The full NetRexx distribution including NetRexxC.jar (NetRexx compiler) and NetRexxR.jar (NetRexx runtime library) - now included with the IDE.
  4. The Ant distribution. (The Ant NetRexx task is now included with the IDE) Android SDK beyond V7 requires Ant 1.8+.
  5. A current Java developer kit (JDK).
  6. The Android NetRexx IDE archive.
  7. The Android SDK.


  1. Download and install a current Java JDK:  --
  2. Download and install jEdit 4.3+ if you do not already have it: --
  3. Install the plugins listed under requirements by selecting "Plugins=>Plugin Manager=>Install", checking the boxes for the plugins and clicking the Install button.
  4. Download and unzip the NetRexx archive (now optional as recent build is included with the IDE)
  5. Download and install the Ant distribution:  --
  6. Download and install the Android SDK:  --
  7. Download and unzip the "Android" IDE directory in the jEdit user home macros directory:  --
  8. Update environment variables -
    add the Ant "bin" directory and the Android SDK "tools" and "platform-tools" directories to the execution PATH
    Create or update the ANT_HOME variable to point to the Ant distribution
    (If I get time I will eliminate some of these variable requirements.)
  9. You may need to download and install the Windows USB driver for Android phones:


This IDE consists primarily of several NetRexx scripts which run as jEdit macros along with templates for a NetRexx Android starter application and a special Ant build file for Android NetRexx projects. Some of the macros will ask for the locations of the Android SDK, and the NetRexxC.jar and NetRexxR.jar files but this should only be required once.

The provided files are the following: